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Dozens in hospital over pollution in south Iran

11/05/2013 1:45am
An Iranian newspaper says more than 50 people were hospitalized in a southern city where air pollution levels spiked this week.

Amid war, Syrian police recruiting for its band

11/05/2013 7:50am
The police force of Syria, engulfed in a bitter civil war, is looking for recruits _ for its musical band.

Palestinians receive Yasser Arafat test results

11/05/2013 7:53am
A Palestinian official says the commission probing the death of Yasser Arafat has received long-awaited test results from a Swiss laboratory.

Report: Iran forces killed 8 smugglers in shootout

11/05/2013 11:09am
Iran's media says its forces have killed eight drug smugglers in a shootout and confiscated some two tons of narcotics.

Saudi migrant sweep aims to quell local demands

11/05/2013 11:21am
Many workers stayed off the streets to avoid checkpoints looking for invalid labor papers. Thousands of others had already arranged one-way journeys home, with Saudi officials insisting that those without the right visas and documents would receive no leniency.