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Syrian refugees face hardships in Jordan's cities

10/29/2013 12:33pm
Nine-year-old Aya Qassem tried to recite the Arabic alphabet, but stopped halfway through. She couldn't remember all the letters because she hasn't been to school in two years.

Most Syrian refugees in Jordan live in cities

10/29/2013 12:45pm
A look at Syrian refugees in Jordan and in the region, with figures provided by U.N. aid agencies and the Jordanian government:

AP PHOTOS: Syrians flee besieged Damascus suburb

10/29/2013 1:50pm
Nearly 2,000 Syrians fled the war-ravaged Damascus district of Moadamiyeh Tuesday with the help of aid workers during a temporary cease-fire, a result of a rare agreement between government forces and rebels to avert a humanitarian crisis.