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AP PHOTOS: Gaza's poorest struggle to survive

10/22/2013 2:33am
Salih Alwadiya is among Gaza Strip's poorest. The 61-year-old's home consists of a kitchen, several small rooms and a space devoted to cages full of pigeons and a goose. Many of his 20 children, from three wives, live with him near a sewage plant. In all, more than 50 people live in the small compound.

Texas A&M plans Israel campus

10/22/2013 1:37pm
The head of Texas A&M University said Tuesday that he plans on opening a branch campus in Israel, a project meant to bring Arabs and Jews together and expand the school's growing overseas presence.

Iran minister says no need to re-hang convict

10/22/2013 2:54pm
An Iranian news agency says the justice minister has concluded there is "no need" to finish off a convict who survived his hanging.

Libya: Militias, politicians meld in explosive mix

10/22/2013 2:55pm
Libya marks two years since the fall of Moammar Gadhafi on Wednesday, but instead of the freedom and development Libyans had hoped for, the country has fallen deeper into anarchy. Rival Islamist and Western-backed factions are melding with the country's dizzying array of militias, turning political feuds into armed conflict.