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AP PHOTOS: Lone family stays in Syrian village

10/07/2013 5:53am
Grubby-faced children huddle on a small swing pushed indoors to protect them from bombardment in the northern Syrian village of Kafer Lata.

AP PHOTOS: Lone family stays in Syrian village

10/07/2013 7:09am
Grubby-faced children huddle around a small swing that was brought indoors so they could play _ at least a tiny bit sheltered by the walls of their home from the relentless bombardment in the northern Syrian village of Kfar Lata.

Libya wants 'clarification' in al-Qaida leader nab

10/07/2013 7:11am
Libya said Sunday it has asked the United States for "clarifications" regarding the abduction in Tripoli of an al-Qaida leader linked to the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings in East Africa, adding that Libyan nationals should be tried in their own country.

Egypt's president makes first trip to Saudi Arabia

10/07/2013 12:00pm
Egypt's interim president visited Saudi Arabia on Monday for his first foreign trip, highlighting a regional realignment spurred by the military ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood from power in Cairo.

Algeria: Diplomats held captive in Mali are alive

10/07/2013 1:07pm
Algeria's foreign minister says the diplomats who remain captive after being kidnapped from its Gao consulate in northern Mali in April 2012 are still alive.

Official: Iran won't unblock Facebook, Twitter

10/07/2013 1:10pm
Iran does not plan to unblock Facebook and Twitter for the general public even if some top government officials use it, the minister of telecommunications and information technology said Monday.

Death of Israeli kingmaker leaves huge void

10/07/2013 1:58pm
To his supporters, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef was a revered spiritual sage who empowered masses of disenfranchised Sephardic Jews. Among secular Israelis, he was widely perceived as a medieval figure, bedecked in flowing robes and occasionally given to bizarre rants.

Post-coup Egypt gripped by nationalist fervor

10/07/2013 2:59pm
While riots turned the neighborhoods of Cairo into deadly battlegrounds this weekend, Egypt's most powerful man _ the head of the armed forces _ enjoyed a star-studded show.

Nabbing of Libyan militant sparks fear of backlash

10/07/2013 3:10pm
The Libyan militant accused by Washington in the killing of the U.S. ambassador told The Associated Press on Monday he's not worried about being next on the list for capture by the Americans after the U.S. commando raid that spirited a senior al-Qaida suspect out of Tripoli.