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Rights debate reflects blurred lines in Egypt

09/29/2013 5:32am
A brutal crackdown on Islamists after a military coup that ousted Egypt's first democratically elected president is posing a dilemma for the country's intellectual elite, which championed greater freedoms during a popular revolt two years ago but now seems largely acquiescent in the wave of arrests and raids targeting the Muslim Brotherhood.

Egypt border restrictions leave thousands stranded

09/29/2013 7:33am
A Gaza government official says only 14,000 Gaza residents have been able to cross into Egypt over the past three months, compared to 65,000 in the same period last year.

AP PHOTOS: Syrians seek safety in ancient ruins

09/29/2013 8:15am
Looking weary and malnourished, the baby girl could hardly open her eyes.

Uneasy Gulf states weigh US-Iran overtures

09/29/2013 11:59pm
Lost in the blizzard of attention on Iran's cautious openings to the U.S. was another bit of noteworthy outreach by President Hassan Rouhani: Sending greetings to Saudi Arabia's king and appealing for more cooperation between the two regional rivals.