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Egyptian army offers no respite for southern town

09/19/2013 1:50am
Islamic militants on motorbikes drive by Sameer Hanna Tanyous's home in this southern Egyptian town and make a chilling gesture _ running their fingers across their throats. Others, he says, shout warnings that security forces won't be there forever to protect him and other Christians.

Syrian children return to school amid war

09/19/2013 4:06am
Facing extraordinary challenges, millions of Syrian children in government-controlled areas returned to school this week despite the civil war that has left almost 4,000 schools _ one in five _ damaged, destroyed or sheltering displaced families.

AP PHOTOS: Egypt police officer shot by militants

09/19/2013 12:10pm
"Let's go, men! Go in, toward martyrdom," police Gen. Nabil Farrag, a pistol in one hand and a walkie-talkie in the other, exhorted his men Thursday morning as they prepared to storm a town held by Islamic militants outside Cairo.

Iran: Jewish lawmaker heads to UN with president

09/19/2013 12:55pm
Iran's only Jewish lawmaker said Thursday that he will be part of President Hasan Rouhani's delegation to the United Nations next week, a first for the Islamic Republic.

Iran's top leader opens way for Rouhani outreach

09/19/2013 1:03pm
There's no mistaking the desire of Iran's new president and his allies to open greater contacts with Washington over nuclear talks and possibly other regional crises such as Syria. The messages that really matter, though, come from the ultimate decision-maker in Tehran: Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Tunisia says CIA warned of politician murder

09/19/2013 6:08pm
Tunisia says it was warned by the CIA of a planned attack against a lawmaker whose assassination in July plunged the country into a political crisis, but said there were failures in the Tunisian security services' response.