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Iran mulls Persian cat as next animal astronaut

09/16/2013 5:54am
Iran's hunt for its next animal astronaut may turn to the distinctive and locally named Persian cat, an official said Monday, in another possible step by the country's ambitious aerospace program that has also raised Western concerns about spillover military applications.

Syria deal shines light on Israeli capabilities

09/16/2013 1:05pm
The U.S.-Russian plan to dismantle Syria's chemical weapons is drawing attention to Israel's own suspected chemical stockpile and could raise pressure on the Jewish state to come clean about its capabilities.

New Egyptian petition: Run, General, run

09/16/2013 3:29pm
A group of professionals and former army officers launched Monday a petition urging Egypt's military chief, who ousted the country's first freely elected leader, to run for president, highlighting the yearning for a strongman to take charge after nearly three years of turmoil.