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Police say 11 killed in car crash in Egypt

09/06/2013 4:10am
Security officials say a car crash in southern Egypt has killed at least 11 people.

Algeria puts ex-Gitmo prisoners on parole

09/06/2013 11:11am
An Algerian judge has put two detainees recently released from the U.S. prison in Guantanamo Bay under "judicial control," a type of supervised parole.

The growth and decline of the Aramaic language

09/06/2013 11:16am
The Syrian government sent reinforcements Friday to the ancient, predominantly Christian village of Maaloula, where rebels have battled regime troops this week. Maaloula, a scenic village of about 3,300 perched high in the mountains, is one of the few places in the world where residents still speak a version of Aramaic, the language of biblical times believed to have been used by Jesus.

Iraqi officials, militants warn of threat to US

09/06/2013 11:33am
Iranian-backed Shiite militias are threatening to retaliate against American interests inside Iraq if the United States goes ahead with strikes against the Tehran-allied government in neighboring Syria, according to Iraqi security officials and militants themselves.

In south Egypt, Islamists take over a town

09/06/2013 12:57pm
The Coptic Orthodox priest would talk to his visitor only after hiding from the watchful eyes of the bearded Muslim outside, who sported a pistol bulging from under his robe.

US orders diplomats out of Lebanon amid fears

09/06/2013 2:23pm
The State Department ordered all nonessential U.S. personnel Friday to leave Lebanon, reflecting fears that an American-led strike on neighboring Syria would unleash more bloodshed in this already fragile nation.