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As talks begin, Palestinians reach out to Israel

08/30/2013 9:03am
The Palestinians have traditionally shown little affection for Israeli politicians. These days, however, they are reaching out to their adversaries in an attempt to jump-start recently renewed peace efforts.

Street killings underscore Iraq's rising unrest

08/30/2013 11:11am
The mob strung up the suspected terrorist's shirtless body by the feet and set it ablaze on a street on the outskirts of the Iraqi capital, a tire placed underneath to fuel the flames. In grainy footage of the immolation this week, police appeared to do little to stop the vigilantes' street justice.

Activists say incendiary bomb hit school in Syria

08/30/2013 11:52am
A Syrian monitoring group, quoting local activists, said Friday that an incendiary bomb struck outside a school in northern Syria earlier this week, killing one man and injuring at least seven people.

UN experts leave Syria

08/30/2013 10:44pm
U.N. chemical weapons experts have left Syria and crossed into neighboring Lebanon.