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Israeli soldiers disciplined for dancing on patrol

08/29/2013 12:39am
A group of Israeli soldiers has danced up a storm of criticism after they were filmed boogying alongside Palestinians while on patrol in the West Bank.

Iran appoints first Foreign Ministry spokeswoman

08/29/2013 1:01pm
Iran's state TV is reporting the country has appointed its first ever Foreign Ministry spokeswoman.

Chemical allegations in Syria haunt ally Iran

08/29/2013 1:15pm
For more than a generation, Iranian papers have regularly posted the announcements: Another veteran from the 1980s war with Iraq has died of complications blamed on exposure to chemical weapons from Saddam Hussein's arsenal. Each one is buried with a hero's honors.

Ex-plant manager admits role in immigration scheme

08/29/2013 2:00pm
A former Iowa slaughterhouse manager has admitted to conspiring to harbor and recruit immigrants who entered the country illegally and then fleeing to Israel after the plant was raided in 2008, according to a plea agreement filed Thursday.

Alawite stronghold in Syria a haven amid war

08/29/2013 11:36pm
In this picturesque coastal city fiercely loyal to President Bashar Assad, beaches are dotted with swimmers, cafes are filled with Syrians smoking water pipes, and restaurant bars are packed with late night revelers, seemingly oblivious to the civil war raging in the rest of the country.