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Vandals strike Arab neighborhood in Jerusalem

08/27/2013 1:01am
Police say vandals have slashed car tires in an Arab neighborhood in Jerusalem, the latest in a series of similar incidents blamed on a fringe group of extremists.

UN refugee head: Syria on 'verge of the abyss'

08/27/2013 12:00pm
The head of the United Nations refugee agency warned Tuesday that Syria could be on the "verge of the abyss" as aid workers brace for a likely increase in the nearly 2 million refugees who have already fled the country's civil war.

Palestinian home demolished, family moves to cave

08/27/2013 12:14pm
For much of the past seven years, Khalid Zir and his family called a makeshift tin shack in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan home. But now that Israeli authorities have demolished the hut, Zir has become even more desperate.

Cairo nighttime curfew sparks defiance and boredom

08/27/2013 12:17pm
In every corner of the Egyptian capital, a bustling city of 18 million that rarely sleeps, people are locked up in their homes at night under a military-imposed curfew that has driven people up the walls, sometimes literally.

Thin veneer of normalcy in Syria's wartime capital

08/27/2013 6:32pm
Even in the capital of a country torn apart by civil war, Syrians have to find some way to enjoy themselves on a hot summer weekend.