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AP PHOTOS: Bahrain history slowly rises from sands

08/03/2013 3:35am
More than 4,000 years ago, Dilmun merchants traveled from Mesopotamia to the Indus River, titans of trade and culture before rise of the empires of the Persians or the Ottomans

Moroccans protest pardon for Spanish child rapist

08/03/2013 8:47am
Moroccan police have used clubs to break up a rare demonstration in front of the nation's parliament, leaving dozens injured.

Arab atheists, though few, inch out of the shadows

08/03/2013 10:04am
Rafat Awad fervently preached Islam at his university, encouraging his fellow students to read the Quran and pray. But throughout, the young Palestinian-born pharmacist had gnawing doubts. The more he tried to resolve them, the more they grew.

Al-Qaida chief: Egypt coup shows democracy corrupt

08/03/2013 10:46am
Al-Qaida's leader said the military coup that ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi provides proof that Islamic rule cannot be established through democracy and urged the Islamist leader's followers to abandon the ballot box in favor of armed resistance.

Algeria: Public lunch protests mandatory fasting

08/03/2013 2:22pm
About 300 people in a restive northern region of Algeria joined a public lunch Saturday during Ramadan to protest what they say is persecution of people who refuse to observe the religious fast.