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Rights group urges probe of Palestinian beatings

07/31/2013 5:55am
A leading human rights group has urged the Palestinian government to investigate police beatings during a rally against Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. A Palestinian spokesman said Wednesday the police had acted in self-defense.

Jihadis threaten Tunisia's Arab Spring transition

07/31/2013 7:37am
Assassins mounted on Vespas gun down two secular politicians. Roadside bombs cripple soldiers in the mountains. An ambush this week leaves eight soldiers dead _ five with slit throats.

Ultra-Orthodox protesters attack buses in Israel

07/31/2013 8:56am
Israeli police say they have arrested an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man for demanding women move to the back of a bus, sparking protests that saw bus windows smashed.

Egypt orders camps cleared, protesters buckle down

07/31/2013 12:28pm
Protesters holding sticks and wearing helmets and makeshift body armor stand behind mounds of sandbags, tires and brick walls. They change guards every two hours to ensure they stay alert.

Egypt's military keeps Morsi's whereabouts secret

07/31/2013 3:13pm
Egypt is taking extreme measures to keep Mohammed Morsi hidden. It says dignitaries are helicoptered to the deposed president's place of detention after nightfall, flying in patterns aimed at confusing the visitors. The military also has reportedly moved Morsi at least three times.