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Iran to take Chinese subway cars for oil

07/29/2013 3:17am
A senior Iranian official says the country has ordered 315 subway cars from China in place of payment for oil that can't be transferred due to sanctions.

Thumbnails of Israeli, Palestinian negotiators

07/29/2013 10:54am
The Israeli and Palestinian delegates sitting down for preliminary peace talks in Washington are veterans of on-and-off negotiations that began more than two decades ago. The chief Palestinian negotiator has joked that he has spent more time with an Israeli negotiator than with his own wife. Such familiarity could be seen as a blessing or a curse, assuring a smooth return to talks or blocking creativity.

Analysis: Mideast peace deal seems far off

07/29/2013 3:26pm
The contours of Israeli-Palestinian peace are clear, experts say: If only the sides summon up the will, the inevitable outcome is two states roughly along the pre-1967 borders, with Jerusalem as a shared capital and a finessing of the Palestinian refugee issue.

Personality cult built around Egypt's top general

07/29/2013 3:29pm
In dark sunglasses and a uniform studded with medals, Egypt's top general is everywhere, looking down from posters and banners proclaiming him "lion of the nation." Adoring songs vow "We are behind you."

8 Tunisian soldiers killed in militant ambush

07/29/2013 3:59pm
Gunmen ambushed a Tunisian army patrol Monday in a mountainous border region known as an Islamic militant stronghold, killing at least eight soldiers, the presidential spokesman said.