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Brazil police investigate school for racism

12/06/2013 7:13am
Brazil police say they are investigating a school for suspected racism after it allegedly refused to re-enroll an 8-year-old boy because of his natural Afro hairstyle.

Chile presidential candidates square off in debate

12/06/2013 11:25am
Michelle Bachelet defended promises of deep social changes while her conservative rival Evelyn Matthei said reducing poverty and crime are more important than Bachelet's call for free education during a debate ahead of the presidential elections.

Nicaragua shootout raises specter of guerrillas

12/06/2013 12:40pm
Officials are calling it a robbery gone bad, but a bloody firefight between police and an armed band in a northern town has Nicaraguans asking if guerrilla groups are forming to confront President Daniel Ortega as he lobbies for a constitutional change to let him seek an unprecedented third term.

Haiti protest derides Dominican court ruling

12/06/2013 1:34pm
Hundreds of protesters gathered Friday to criticize a recent court decision in the Dominican Republic that could strip the citizenship of generations of people of Haitian descent living in the neighboring country.

Report: Swells affected Puerto Rico glowing lagoon

12/06/2013 3:19pm
A popular lagoon that glows at night off Puerto Rico's northeast coast has lit up once again as scientists wrap up their investigation into why it went dark last month, officials said Friday.

Cuban Jewish leaders visit jailed US subcontractor

12/06/2013 3:27pm
Cuban Jewish leaders said Friday that they celebrated Hanukkah with imprisoned U.S. government subcontractor Alan Gross this week, two days after he marked four years in custody.

Venezuela's president tightens grip on media

12/06/2013 10:01pm
As Gov. Henrique Capriles campaigned for president of Venezuela last April, he couldn't venture more than a few steps without being hounded by dozens of sharp-elbowed cameramen and photographers. Nearly eight months later, the visibly thinner and exhausted opposition leader is accompanied by just a handful of journalists at what was supposed to be one of the final, electrifying opposition rallies ahead of this weekend's mayoral elections.