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Brazil's GDP contracts in the 3rd quarter

12/03/2013 8:23am
The economy of Latin America's biggest country contracted in the third quarter of the year, though it was up from the same period of 2012, the government said Tuesday.

Leader of Brazil's Guarani-Kaiowa tribe killed

12/03/2013 1:08pm
's ancestral lands has been stabbed to death, apparently by his father-in-law, police said Tuesday.

Honduran computer 'geeks' check election tally

12/03/2013 1:44pm
Four Honduran computer programmers watching their country's dispute over the vote count in the hotly contested presidential race decided to check the results themselves, using the power of the Internet and its many users.

2-time Mexico presidential candidate hospitalized

12/03/2013 1:49pm
Two-time Mexican presidential challenger Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador suffered a heart attack Tuesday that required surgery, but he was reported in stable condition.

Small plane crashes in Puerto Rico; 2 bodies found

12/03/2013 4:36pm
A small cargo plane crashed near Puerto Rico's northern coast, killing the two U.S. citizens who were aboard, officials said Tuesday.

Somber tales of deadly voyage by Haitian migrants

12/03/2013 5:04pm
An exhausted Justin Desamour stepped off a plane Tuesday with cuts up and down his slender arm, relieved to be back in his homeland but haunted by his fresh memories of a disastrous journey.

Mexico receives letter from drug capo sought by US

12/03/2013 5:54pm
Fugitive drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero sent a letter to the Mexican government asking officials not to give in to the United States' demand for his capture and extradition to try him for the 1985 killing of a U.S. federal agent.

El Salvador looks at ex-president, Taiwan donation

12/03/2013 6:36pm
El Salvador's president has asked the attorney general to investigate a $10 million donation that Taiwan made 10 years ago to the Salvadoran government during the administration of then-President Francisco Flores.

Guatemala detains 21 in money laundering case

12/03/2013 8:11pm
Guatemalan authorities say they have detained 21 people who allegedly laundered money for Mexico's Sinaloa drug cartel led by Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman.