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Venezuelan oil diplomacy curbed by economic crisis

12/02/2013 1:11am
The late President Hugo Chavez's dream of leveraging Venezuela's oil wealth to spread revolution across Latin America is crumbling under the weight of an economic crisis that is forcing his hand-picked successor to cut back on generous foreign aid.

Brazil signs agreement with oil consortium

12/02/2013 1:31pm
Brazil on Monday signed an agreement with a consortium of five oil companies to develop a huge offshore field under the so-called production-sharing regime that gives the federal, state and municipal governments a 75 percent stake of the oil extracted.

Honduras will recount tallies in presidential vote

12/02/2013 3:54pm
Honduras' electoral court will recount vote tally sheets from the Nov. 24 the presidential election after receiving a fraud complaint from second-place candidate Xiomara Castro, court president David Matamoros said Monday.

Costa Rica closes probe into 1984 bombing

12/02/2013 5:36pm
An investigation of the 1984 bombing that killed three journalists and four Nicaraguan rebels at a news conference has been closed after officials determined the only suspect died more than two decades ago, Costa Rica's attorney general said Monday.

Venezuela caps car prices as crackdown continues

12/02/2013 5:45pm
Venezuela's government is setting limits on prices for cars as President Nicolas Maduro tries to close a popular loophole used by savers to guard against the fastest inflation in two decades.

5-story building collapses in Sao Paulo suburb

12/02/2013 6:55pm
A five-story building under construction collapsed Monday night in the Sao Paulo suburb of Guarulhos, although there were no immediate reports of casualties.

Power fails again in Venezuela, capital goes dark

12/02/2013 9:03pm
A power outage briefly darkened Venezuela's capital and other parts of the country Monday night in what President Nicolas Maduro said appeared to have been an act of sabotage against his socialist government.

Biggest exhumation underway from Peru conflict

12/02/2013 10:09pm
Valentin Casa can't shake the recurring nightmares. And this day certainly isn't helping.