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A look at big migrant shipwrecks in the Caribbean

11/26/2013 4:05pm
Major deadly shipwrecks involving migrant vessels from neighboring nations of Haiti and Dominican Republic:

Cuba to let islanders rent out their home phones

11/26/2013 4:37pm
Cubans have a new private enterprise opportunity _ acting as "telecommunications agents" by essentially turning their homes into phone booths and charging neighbors by the minute to use their telephones.

Teen cartel killer released in Mexico, goes to US

11/26/2013 6:05pm
A 17-year-old U.S. citizen who acknowledged being a killer for a Mexican drug cartel finished his three-year juvenile-offender term for homicide, kidnapping and drug and weapons possession and returned to the United States.

Dominicans send 88 more to Haiti; total now 357

11/26/2013 7:21pm
Authorities in the Dominican Republic rounded up 88 more people and sent them to Haiti, two migrant advocates said Tuesday.