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Guyana to ban plastic foam containers

11/19/2013 12:51pm
The South American country of Guyana says it is forbidding imports of plastic foam containers, starting in June. That amounts to a virtual ban since there are no domestic producers.

US Vice-President praises Panama cooperation

11/19/2013 1:39pm
U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden says Panama has made a contribution to international security by seizing a ship carrying weapons from Cuba to North Korea.

Argentina's feared Commerce Secretary Moreno quits

11/19/2013 6:04pm
Argentina's feared commerce secretary quit Tuesday, a day after a Cabinet reshuffle gave others more power in the inner circle of President Cristina Fernandez.

Report: Violence, inmates rule in Mexico's prisons

11/19/2013 6:22pm
Cases of violence and inmates controlling Mexican prisons are on the rise, symptoms of the corruption and lack of resources that plague the country's corrections system, the National Human Rights Commission said Tuesday.

6 dead, 2 missing in 3 Mexican plane crashes

11/19/2013 9:38pm
Three small planes flying in or headed to Mexico have crashed in two days, leaving at least six people dead and two missing.