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Report: Brazil monitored French spies

11/05/2013 9:52am
Brazil's intelligence agency monitored French spies it suspected of involvement in the 2003 explosion at a satellite launch base, the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper said Tuesday, though it was finally determined they played no role.

Time running out for urban estuary in Puerto Rico

11/05/2013 11:05am
Volunteers wore surgical gloves, many afraid to touch the water, as they picked through tangles of mangrove along a lagoon at the edge of Puerto Rico's capital.

Venezuela decrees holiday in memory of Chavez

11/05/2013 4:34pm
The late Hugo Chavez is being honored with a public holiday in Venezuela, though not everyone is celebrating because the effort to keep the socialist leader's legacy alive will coincide with elections.

Colombia says Russian bombers violated air space

11/05/2013 5:02pm
Colombia's president says his government is sending a protest note to Russia over the violation of his country's air space by two long-range bombers on a flight from Venezuela to Nicaragua.

US Education secretary visits Haiti classrooms

11/05/2013 5:29pm
A senior U.S. official visiting Haiti called Tuesday for greater transparency to improve the quality of education in the Caribbean country's long-struggling classrooms.

Brazil leader wants racial quota for gov't jobs

11/05/2013 6:00pm
Brazil's president says she'll ask congress to pass legislation to reserve 20 percent of the nation's government jobs for blacks.

Guatemala court to restart ex-leader trial in 2015

11/05/2013 6:05pm
A Guatemalan court official says the trial of former dictator Efrain Rios Montt will restart in January 2015 in response to the Constitutional Court throwing out an earlier conviction of the strongman for the massacre of thousands of Maya.

Australian seeks to overturn Guantanamo conviction

11/05/2013 6:20pm
An Australian who trained with al-Qaida in Afghanistan and ended up a prisoner in Guantanamo Bay sought Tuesday to walk back the plea deal that got him home, filing an appeal to overturn his terrorism conviction by a military court.

Doctors say Venezuela's health care in collapse

11/05/2013 10:09pm
Evelina Gonzalez was supposed to undergo cancer surgery in July following chemotherapy but wound up shuttling from hospital to hospital in search of an available operating table. On the crest of her left breast, a mocha-colored tumor doubled in size and now bulges through her white spandex tank top.