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Coast Guard rescues men after Bahamas plane crash

11/04/2013 3:37am
An air crew from the U.S. Coast Guard has recovered two victims of a small plane crash in the area of Staniel Cay, Bahamas.

A rising tide of drug trafficking in Caribbean

11/04/2013 11:52am
Assault rifles at the ready, police in a speedboat scan the coastline as they slice through the slate-gray water, aware that the rocky shorelines and fishing villages that line parts of southern Jamaica are not always very sleepy these days.

Puerto Rico turns to New York for new police chief

11/04/2013 3:43pm
Puerto Rico is turning to a New York official to lead its troubled police department.

Venezuela envoy: Relations with US still frozen

11/04/2013 5:18pm
Venezuela's foreign minister says efforts to re-establish diplomatic relations between his country and the United States remain frozen.