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Mexico's Baja peninsula hit by 6.4-magintude quake

10/19/2013 1:00pm
Mexico's Baja California peninsula has been rattled by a 6.4-magnitude offshore quake.

Activists release dogs from lab in Brazil

10/19/2013 1:03pm
Animal rights activist Saturday clashed with police in front of a laboratory in southeastern Brazil that used dogs for drug tests.

Argentine commuter train slams into station, again

10/19/2013 2:59pm
A commuter train slammed into the bumper at the end of the line Saturday at the same station in Argentina's capital where 52 people were killed in a similar crash last year. This time there was no immediate report of deaths, but at least 80 people were injured.

Eldest of Mexico's Arellano Felix clan killed

10/19/2013 4:10pm
Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix, the eldest brother of Mexico's once-feared Arellano Felix drug clan, was shot to death in the Baja beach resort of Los Cabos by a gunman wearing a clown costume, authorities said Saturday.