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AP PHOTOS: Bolivian villagers round up vicunas

10/14/2013 10:43am
The roar of about 70 motorcycles shatters the quiet of the wind-swept Andean plain as Aymara villagers conduct a frenetic chase to round up wild vicunas for shearing.

Antigua starts program to sell citizenship

10/14/2013 1:03pm
The struggling country of Antigua & Barbuda has joined other tiny Eastern Caribbean islands in selling citizenship to wealthy international investors to drum up revenue, officials said Monday.

Brazil creating email for gov't use to fight spies

10/14/2013 4:08pm
Brazilian officials say that all government employees will start using an encrypted email service in an effort to stop foreign spies from intercepting emails.

Cholera kills 1, sickens 158 in 5 Mexican states

10/14/2013 5:48pm
Mexican authorities say cholera has sickened 159 people, including one who died, and spread to four states and the capital. It is the first local spread of the disease since an outbreak that ended in 2001.

Venezuela, Guyana to discuss seized oil ship

10/14/2013 7:15pm
The top diplomats of Venezuela and Guyana agreed to meet to discuss the fate of an oil research ship seized in disputed waters as the captain of the U.S.-chartered vessel was being charged Monday in Venezuela with violating its maritime economic zone.

Mexico's crackdown on drugs spurs extortion wave

10/14/2013 7:55pm
When the threatening phone calls demanding $20,000 in protection money began in December, Dr. Roman Gomez Gaviria shrugged them off, believing his clinic on the outskirts of Mexico City couldn't possibly be of interest to criminal gangs. A few months later, his sense of security was shattered when three armed men barged into his office screaming "Dr. Roman, you bastard, where are you?"