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Argentina frets as leader undergoes brain surgery

10/08/2013 6:47am
Doctors are drilling into President Cristina Fernandez's skull to siphon out blood that is pressuring her brain two months after she suffered an unexplained head injury.

Demonstrations turn violent in Brazil

10/08/2013 12:17pm
Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo woke up to scenes of destruction on Tuesday following violent overnight demonstrations by striking teachers demanding higher pay.

Mexico arrests 13 federal cops on kidnap charges

10/08/2013 2:27pm
Mexican authorities announced Tuesday the arrest of 13 federal police officers who allegedly belonged to a kidnap and murder gang that operated in the Pacific coast resort of Acapulco.

What experts say about blood clots on brain

10/08/2013 2:35pm
Argentine President Cristina Fernandez underwent surgery Tuesday to relieve a subdural hematoma causing pressure on her brain. Here are some details about this condition:

Fugitive priest arrested in Dominican Republic

10/08/2013 3:58pm
A fugitive priest who was convicted of sexually abusing a child in the Dominican Republic has been detained during an unrelated probe.

UN official pushes compensation for Haiti victims

10/08/2013 4:19pm
A United Nations official on Tuesday made a rare case for compensation for the thousands of Haitians who have died of a cholera outbreak in the Caribbean nation.

Clinton, Four Seasons to help Haiti coffee farms

10/08/2013 5:17pm
A high-end Canadian hotel chain will soon be lending a hand to Haiti's coffee farmers.

Colombia captures member of outlaw Castano clan

10/08/2013 5:46pm
Colombian officials say they've captured a top member of an outlaw clan that founded the country's far-right militias who has been sentenced in absentia to 40 years for the murder of a land activist.

Bolivia arrests head of government's coca agency

10/08/2013 6:29pm
Bolivian authorities have arrested the head of the government agency that commercializes coca, alleging he diverted to relatives 35,000 tons of leaves that were supposed to have been destroyed.

Venezuela president seeks power to rule by decree

10/08/2013 7:28pm
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has asked Congress to give him special decree-making powers that he says he needs to fight corruption and economic sabotage.

Driver of monster truck charged with manslaughter

10/08/2013 8:05pm
The driver of a monster truck that careened into a crowd of spectators, killing nine, was charged with manslaughter Tuesday.