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Colombia arrests former security chief for Uribe

09/30/2013 2:08pm
A retired police general who was the security chief for former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe for four years was arrested Monday and charged with illicit enrichment.

Jackson ends Cuba trip without Gross meeting

09/30/2013 2:22pm
The Rev. Jesse Jackson ended a four-day visit to Cuba on Monday without getting to visit a U.S. government development subcontractor who is serving a 15-year sentence in the Caribbean nation.

3-day strike begins at Dominican public hospitals

09/30/2013 3:16pm
Thousands of doctors and nurses have walked off their jobs in the Dominican Republic in a strike over wages.

Mexico police rescue 73 migrants held near border

09/30/2013 8:11pm
Mexican federal and state police have rescued 73 kidnapped migrants being held in a house on the border with Texas.

Venezuelan TV station faces possible fine

09/30/2013 10:49pm
Venezuela's telecoms regulator says it will seek to fine the TV station Globovision for allegedly provoking anxiety with a news report about shortages of motor vehicles and basic goods.