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Brazil grants visas to Syrians fleeing conflict

09/24/2013 11:08am
Syrians who want to leave their conflict-wracked nation and travel to Brazil will be granted special visas to travel to Latin America's biggest country, the government said Tuesday.

Border's Mexicali tops Mexico City in pollution

09/24/2013 12:36pm
Move over, Mexico City, a think tank study says the country's most damaging air pollution is in the border city of Mexicali.

Cuba OKs rules on commercial zone at Mariel Port

09/24/2013 1:38pm
Cuba has approved tax exemption rules for a special commercial zone at a massive port under construction west of Havana, in hopes of luring more foreign investment as the country tries to lift its economy with a series of reforms.

AP PHOTOS: Party for Nicaraguan teens with cancer

09/24/2013 3:25pm
For many a teenage girl in Latin America, a "quinceanera" party is a cherished rite of passage, a traditional coming-out celebration for 15-year-olds.

Pelosi visits Puerto Rico, talks women's issues

09/24/2013 3:45pm
U.S. House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi says the United States should follow Puerto Rico's lead when it comes to maternity leave laws.

51 charged in Puerto Rico identity fraud case

09/24/2013 4:05pm
Authorities in Puerto Rico say 21 prison inmates and 30 other people have been charged with participating in an identity theft and drug-trafficking ring.

Groups accuse US of human rights abuses in Vieques

09/24/2013 4:59pm
The National Lawyers Guild and other groups have filed a petition with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights against the U.S. government in a case involving Puerto Ricans living on the island of Vieques, which was once used as a bombing range.

Jamaica lawmakers debate pot decriminalization

09/24/2013 6:56pm
Lawmakers on Tuesday debated a proposal to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use by adults in Jamaica, where many islanders are expressing weariness with current drug policy.

Death toll in Mexican floods, slides rises to 130

09/24/2013 7:19pm
Mexican authorities say the death toll from last week's floods and mudslides has risen to 130, after eight more bodies were found buried in a landslide.

Peru now No. 1 in coca leaf, displacing Colombia

09/24/2013 7:32pm
Peru has displaced Colombia as the world's leading producer of coca leaf, although it succeeded for the first time in seven years in cutting output of the illicit plant used to make cocaine, the United Nations said Tuesday.

Police link to mass killing a blow for Mexico City

09/24/2013 10:06pm
The arrest of four police officers in a case that has unsettled Mexico City is tarnishing the image officials have tried to cultivate of the capital as a safe haven from the violence and police corruption that plague other parts of Mexico.