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15-year term for Argentine priest sex abuse upheld

09/19/2013 1:49pm
Argentina's Supreme Court has upheld the 15-year prison sentence of a priest convicted of sexually abusing a boy in his "Happy Children" foundation, prompting the victim's attorney on Thursday to call for the cleric's immediate arrest.

Allende: Pinochet spy chief lies about 'dirty war'

09/19/2013 7:42pm
The daughter of toppled President Salvador Allende says that those convicted of human rights violations during Chile's long dictatorship should be moved to common prisons, and out of the relatively luxurious lockup where they are serving multiple life sentences.

Venezuela: US banned presidential overflight

09/19/2013 9:28pm
Venezuela complained Thursday that Washington had barred President Nicolas Maduro from flying through U.S. airspace and prohibited a general from later accompanying him to the United Nations.