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Tropical Storm Humberto re-forms in the Atlantic

09/16/2013 9:08am
Tropical Storm Humberto (oom-BEHR'-toh) has re-formed far out over the Atlantic.

Ex-President Uribe in Colombia Senate run

09/16/2013 10:54am
Alvaro Uribe has become the first former Colombian president in modern times to attempt a return to politics through Congress.

Mexico sees its first village cellphone network

09/16/2013 12:50pm
The communications revolution that swept the globe missed the Zapotec village of Talea de Castro high in the mountains of southern Mexico, where making any sort of call meant trudging to a community telephone line and paying what could be a day's wages for a crackly five-minute conversation.

Cuban Catholic bishops call for political reform

09/16/2013 12:51pm
Roman Catholic bishops in Cuba called for political reform in tandem with social and economic changes already under way, issuing their first joint pastoral letter in two decades that was presented to reporters Monday.

New US ambassador arrives in Brazil amid tensions

09/16/2013 3:24pm
The new U.S. ambassador to Brazil landed in the capital Monday amid increasing tensions over a U.S. spy program that aggressively targets Latin America's biggest nation, reportedly including the personal communications of its president.

Cuba, US discuss direct mail service

09/16/2013 4:21pm
U.S. and Cuban representatives met in Havana on Monday for renewed talks on re-establishing direct mail service, 50 years after it was severed amid Cold War tensions relations.

Haiti a step closer to having army again

09/16/2013 6:10pm
Haiti moved closer on Monday to reconstituting a military that was abolished in 1995.

Brazil looks to break from US-centric Internet

09/16/2013 10:06pm
Brazil plans to divorce itself from the U.S.-centric Internet over Washington's widespread online spying, a move that many experts fear will be a potentially dangerous first step toward politically fracturing a global network built with minimal interference by governments.