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Uruguay's Montevideo Zoo giving away its big cats

09/13/2013 1:31pm
"Hatch," a 10-year-old male Bengal tiger, has lived in a 20-by-16-foot (6-by-5 meter) cage with cement walls and nothing green in sight since he was traded to the Villa Dolores Zoo after spending his first three years in a circus. A similarly dismal cage next door is home to an unnamed female tiger. A poster says tigers "love water" and "bathe on hot days, swimming across rivers and lakes."

Tropical storm heads to Mexico's Pacific coast

09/13/2013 3:09pm
Tropical Storm Manuel has prompted the government of Mexico to issue warnings for the Pacific coast of the country from Acapulco to Punta San Telmo.

Puerto Rico analyzes financing plan amid bond cuts

09/13/2013 3:20pm
Puerto Rico is crafting a new financing plan as it seeks to reassure investors that it will not default on its obligations after announcing cuts in bond sales amid concerns about a record yield.

3 Pre-Hispanic artifacts returned to Mexico

09/13/2013 9:16pm
Mexicans received their first chance Friday to see three pre-Hispanic stone carvings that were returned by the Lowe Art museum in Miami after they were apparently removed illegally from Mexico.

Police end occupation of Mexico City center

09/13/2013 10:35pm
Mexican riot police have cracked down on the strongest challenge yet to President Enrique Pena Nieto's reform program, sweeping thousands of striking teachers out of Mexico City's main square with tear gas and water cannons.