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Gunmen kill 11, wound 18 in poor Guatemala town

09/08/2013 2:48pm
A group of men in a stolen car shot 29 people on the main street of a poor indigenous town in the mountains outside Guatemala City, killing 11 in an incident that some residents blamed on corrupt police officers.

Guyana judge clarifies rule against cross-dressing

09/08/2013 3:35pm
A judge interpreting a colonial-era law has ruled that cross-dressing is a criminal offense only if it's done for an "improper purpose" such as prostitution, but the partial victory has frustrated gay rights activists in Guyana who are pushing for the 120-year-old statute to be removed from the books.

Mexico proposes sweeping social program changes

09/08/2013 9:43pm
President Enrique Pena Nieto proposed sweeping changes to Mexico's social programs Sunday, laying out a plan for the country's first nationwide pensions and unemployment insurance to be financed in part by cutting tax loopholes for big business.