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Peru the global leader in dollar counterfeiting

09/05/2013 1:26am
The police colonel was stunned by the skill of the 13-year-old arrested during a raid on counterfeiters in Lima's gritty outskirts, how he deftly slid the shiny plastic security strip through a bogus $100 banknote emblazoned with Benjamin Franklin's face.

Quake hits off Costa Rica coast; no damage reports

09/05/2013 7:29am
Seismologists say a magnitude-6.0 earthquake has struck off the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, but there are no reports of damage or injury.

Family of slain Chilean singer seeks justice in US

09/05/2013 9:32am
The family of Victor Jara claims to have solved the 40-year-old mystery of who killed the revered folk singer during Chile's 1973 coup, and they're preparing to prove it in a federal courtroom in Jacksonville, Florida, invoking rarely used U.S. laws that address human rights violations committed elsewhere.

Haiti says team got military training in Ecuador

09/05/2013 3:04pm
The Haitian government has welcomed home 41 engineers and technicians who underwent 10 months of military training in Ecuador.

Puerto Rico to debate medical use of marijuana

09/05/2013 3:48pm
Legislators in Puerto Rico are preparing to debate a bill that would allow people to use marijuana for medicinal purposes in this conservative U.S. territory, officials said Thursday.

Chile leader calls for info on junta 'disappeared'

09/05/2013 6:17pm
Chilean President Sebastian Pinera on Thursday asked anyone with information about those forcibly "disappeared" by the country's 1973-90 dictatorship to come forward and help heal the country's wounds.

Climate change threatens Caribbean's water supply

09/05/2013 11:31pm
Experts are sounding a new alarm about the effects of climate change for parts of the Caribbean _ the depletion of already strained drinking water throughout much of the region.