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Regulate Pot? Uruguay's been there, with whisky

09/01/2013 12:19am
The government of Uruguay makes Scotch whisky. It also makes and sells rum, vodka and cognac, and has done so for nearly a century. Many people consider this sideline of the state to be an historical accident _ a wasteful and even eccentric contradiction.

3 charged with money laundering after Jamaica raid

09/01/2013 4:18pm
Three businessmen in Jamaica have been charged with money laundering after an operation by security forces in several upscale neighborhoods in the Caribbean island's north.

Severe Andean snow kills 6 people, much livestock

09/01/2013 4:51pm
Officials say freezing temperatures and snow in the high plains of Peru and Bolivia have claimed at least six human lives in the past week and killed more than 30,000 domestic animals including sheep, llamas and alpacas.