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Dissident case was final straw for Brazil official

08/27/2013 3:21pm
The smuggling of a Bolivian dissident into Brazil by a Brazilian diplomat may have prompted Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota's ouster, but analysts said Tuesday it was just the last straw for his strained relationship with the president.

Grand jury indicts Puerto Rico drug lord's lawyer

08/27/2013 3:26pm
A Puerto Rico lawyer has been arrested on allegations he collected funds meant to bribe a judge to overturn a life sentence for a drug dealer once dubbed the "Pablo Escobar of the Caribbean," officials said Tuesday.

Colombia rebels free Canadian held 7 months

08/27/2013 3:50pm
Colombia's No. 2 rebel group on Tuesday freed a Canadian mining executive it kidnapped in January and whose release the government had demanded as a condition for opening peace talks.

Venezuela president warns against attack on Syria

08/27/2013 5:37pm
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says any outside military action taken against Syria over its alleged use of chemical weapons on its own citizens could lead to a "disastrous war."

Ex-Salvadoran colonel gets US prison sentence

08/27/2013 7:06pm
Human rights advocates called it a step toward justice Tuesday when a federal judge in Boston sentenced a Salvadoran ex-colonel to prison on separate charges as Spain attempts to prosecute him for war crimes during his country's civil conflict.

Uruguay opens desulfurization plant at refinery

08/27/2013 9:35pm
Uruguay has inaugurated a desulfurization plant for the county's sole oil refinery.

Argentines sweep world tango competition

08/27/2013 10:05pm
Argentine couples retained their dominance of the world's top tango dancing competition as the annual festival drew to a close.