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Bolivians dangle 'death dolls' to warn off thieves

08/23/2013 5:38am
A sinister warning dangles above the burned-out hulk of a minibus in this sprawling sister city to Bolivia's capital: A faded effigy tied to a power line as if it had been hanged.

AP PHOTOS: Fishermen of Copacabana beach

08/23/2013 8:36am
Daybreak's glow silhouettes the rainforest-covered mountains nearby while the Atlantic's waters lap at cramped wooden fishing boats.

Mexico City paralyzed by teachers' protests

08/23/2013 6:45pm
Thousands of striking teachers strangled traffic and blocked access to Mexico City's international airport on Friday, flexing their muscles in a bid to block educational reforms intended to introduce teacher evaluations and reduce union power over hiring decisions.