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Journalist invited to appear at Brazil Congress

08/20/2013 9:34am
Brazilian congressmen will invite the American journalist who has published documents leaked by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden to appear before the Foreign Relations and Defense Committee of the lower house Chamber of Deputies.

Pet monkey returned to adoptive family in Brazil

08/20/2013 10:30am
Chico the pet monkey has been returned to the only home it has ever known, police said Tuesday.

Andean farmers freeze-dry spuds the ancient way

08/20/2013 1:26pm
For centuries, people in Bolivia's high Andes have eaten freeze-dried potatoes, taking advantage of freezing mountain temperatures and a baking sun to prepare the local staple called "chuno."

Mexico drops growth forecast amid economy slowdown

08/20/2013 2:45pm
The Mexican government has lowered its forecast for the nation's economic growth this year to 1.8 percent. That's down from the 3.1 percent gain it predicted earlier this year.

Mexico rights panel urges probe in news killings

08/20/2013 2:53pm
The Mexican government's human rights commission has issued a recommendation calling for federal authorities to investigate the killings of journalists and protect news people from attacks.

Latin American leaders and their love of Twitter

08/20/2013 3:00pm
Whenever Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez uses Twitter, controversy often follows. Although tweet discussions range in content and frequency, there's never a lack of debate.

Mexico re-jails alleged female cartel operator

08/20/2013 3:38pm
Purported drug cartel operator Sandra Avila Beltran, known as the "Queen of the Pacific," was returned to Mexico from the U.S. on Tuesday and quickly taken to prison to face money-laundering charges.

For investors, Haiti remains a tough environment

08/20/2013 4:24pm
Nickson Toussaint returned to Haiti from Washington, D.C., with dreams of opening a small hotel along the shimmering coast north of the country's capital. He bought 2.6 acres of land for $70,000 and looked for a loan or investors.

Press group slams killing of Guatemala journalist

08/20/2013 6:01pm
The New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists is calling on the government of Guatemala to investigate and punish those responsible for the killing of a local TV anchor, Carlos Alberto Orellana Chavez.

Premier: BVI to comply with US tax evasion law

08/20/2013 6:09pm
The British Virgin Islands' leader said Tuesday that the Caribbean territory with a major offshore financial sector has started talks with the U.S. Treasury to comply with a law designed to crack down on offshore tax evasion.