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Mexico heads back to school with flawed textbooks

08/19/2013 2:13pm
As Mexican children trooped back to school on Monday, they had already learned one lesson: You can't believe everything you read in your textbook.

Ecuador leader may insist on digital-only dailies

08/19/2013 3:02pm
Ecuador's combative president is threatening to try to force the country's newspapers to go all-digital as a way to save paper.

Paraguay sends troops to north after rebel attack

08/19/2013 3:14pm
Paraguay's government has sent troops to a northern area where members of the small, left-wing Paraguayan People's Army carried out a guerrilla attack that killed five people.

Pemex to form company to explore for oil in US

08/19/2013 4:01pm
Mexico's state-owned oil company says it will form a new entity to explore and produce shale gas and deep-water oil in U.S. territory.

UN condemns hatred, violence against gays in Haiti

08/19/2013 5:25pm
The United Nations mission in Haiti is condemning acts of hatred and violence aimed at homosexuals in the Caribbean nation.

Police: Crime uptick in area of Jamaica capital

08/19/2013 5:52pm
Jamaican police are concerned about a recent uptick of violence in a patchwork of slums in the capital.

Isolated Mashco-Piro Indians appear in Peru

08/19/2013 9:44pm
Members of an Indian tribe that has long lived in voluntary isolation in Peru's southeastern Amazon attempted to make contact with outsiders for a second time since 2011, leading to a tense standoff at a river hamlet.