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AP Photos: Lima's dreaded leaden skies

08/16/2013 1:52am
For roughly four months a year, the sun abandons Peru's seaside desert capital, suffocating it under a ponderous gray cloudbank and fog that coats the city with nighttime drizzles.

AP names correspondent for Montevideo, Uruguay

08/16/2013 11:20am
Leonardo Haberkorn, a prize-winning investigative journalist, has been named a correspondent for The Associated Press in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Paraguay president: I'll sell cigarette factory

08/16/2013 11:36am
Paraguay's new President Horacio Cartes says he's willing to sell off his cigarette-making business that has often drawn criticism from foreign governments worried about contraband.

Mexico airline apologizes for light-skin casting

08/16/2013 12:23pm
Mexico's Aeromexico airline and its ad agency have apologized for a producer's casting call requesting that only light-skinned people apply as actors for a television commercial.

Puerto Rico marina awaits $450M renovation

08/16/2013 1:35pm
The Caribbean's largest marina is getting a $450 million makeover.

Fight over ex-president marks Mexico's oil debate

08/16/2013 8:30pm
The son of Mexico's most revered modern president, known for nationalizing Mexico's oil industry, says his dad is rolling in his grave.