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Institute accuses ex-labor camp boss of 115 deaths

02/11/2014 5:53am
A Romanian agency has accused the former commander of a labor camp of crimes against humanity for the deaths of 115 political prisoners.

US destroyer arrives in Spain for NATO shield

02/11/2014 6:06am
The first of four U.S. destroyers forming part of NATO's new anti-missile shield for Europe has arrived at a southern Spanish naval base used by the U.S. Navy.

Swedish mass murderer to be released in 2016

02/11/2014 7:04am
A Swedish court has commuted the life sentence of man who killed four people to a 33-year prison sentence, making him eligible for release in 2016.

Italy's Berlusconi tried for political corruption

02/11/2014 7:17am
Silvio Berlusconi's political corruption trial opened Tuesday in the southern city of Naples _ the latest legal challenge for the three-time former Italian premier.

Drag queen's speech fuels Irish gay rights debate

02/11/2014 7:18am
Ireland's top drag queen, Miss Panti Bliss, has driven a stiletto heel through this nation's long-running debate on gay rights. Panti has riled up conservative Catholics and won global admirers in a social media tour de force that is dominating Irish water-cooler talk.

Monkey business: Popular primate changing zoos

02/11/2014 7:22am
A German zoo says it's sending a monkey Casanova to the Czech Republic because he's produced so many offspring that he may soon start having children with his own relatives.

UK High Court rules for widow of poisoned agent

02/11/2014 8:25am
Britain's High Court has backed a bid by the widow of a former Russian agent to force a public inquiry into his death from radioactive poisoning.

German zoo's polar bear swallows jacket, dies

02/11/2014 8:55am
A German zoo says one of its polar bears has died after apparently swallowing a jacket or bag dropped into his enclosure by a visitor.

Church of England takes step toward female bishops

02/11/2014 8:56am
The Church of England's General Synod has moved a step closer to creating its first female bishop.

Portugal takes big step toward full market return

02/11/2014 9:46am
Bailed-out Portugal took a big step toward gaining full access to credit markets by raising 3 billion euros ($4 billion) from a sale of 10-year bonds Tuesday.

Barclays critics line up after bonus pool increase

02/11/2014 9:56am
Barclays PLC faced widespread criticism Tuesday after the scandal-plagued bank announced plans to slash up to 12,000 jobs this year while also setting aside more money to pay bonuses.

UK's Cameron cancels Mideast visit over floods

02/11/2014 11:25am
British Prime Minister David Cameron insisted Tuesday that money is no object in the battle against the widespread flooding that has engulfed parts of England.

King Richard III to get his genetic code sequenced

02/11/2014 11:29am
Richard III has already been immortalized as Shakespeare's hunchbacked antihero. Now scientists hope to immortalize his genetic code by sequencing his DNA.

9 Serbs jailed for Kosovo massacre

02/11/2014 12:19pm
Serbia's war crimes court on Tuesday convicted nine former paramilitary members of the brutal killings of more than 100 ethnic Albanian civilians during the Kosovo war and sentenced them to between two and 20 years in prison.

Former Czech prime minister a corruption suspect

02/11/2014 1:27pm
The lawyer for former Czech Prime Minister Petr Necas says he is a suspect in the corruption case that brought down his government.

Group claims attack on German ambassador's home

02/11/2014 2:58pm
An organization calling itself Popular Fighters Group claimed responsibility Tuesday for a December shooting attack on the German ambassador's residence in Athens.

Italy, US arrest 24 in mob drug smuggling case

02/11/2014 3:29pm
Reputed mobsters in New York City and Italy joined forces in a failed conspiracy to smuggle large amounts of heroin and cocaine, with one suspect suggesting that the drugs could be concealed in frozen fish bound for an Italian port, authorities said Tuesday.