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Ukraine's Euromaidan: What's in a name?

12/02/2013 2:48am
Soon after the current wave of protests arose in Ukraine, a new word appeared to describe them: Euromaidan. Already in wide use as a hashtag on Twitter, it's an intriguing invention _ linguistically rooted in both East and West, elusive to translate and an insightful glimpse into the country's troubled politics. Who coined it isn't clear, and it's become so popular that it seems almost to have sprung from the collective unconscious.

France reluctantly revisits Sunday store opening

12/02/2013 2:50am
France is taking another look at whether to increase the number of stores permitted to open on Sundays, but the prime minister says it will remain an exception.

Greek death raises worry of winter impact on poor

12/02/2013 3:22am
Greek authorities say a 13-year-old girl has died after inhaling fumes from a wood-burning stove her mother was using to heat the home after its electricity was disconnected.

Survivors recall Kindertransport flight from Nazis

12/02/2013 3:23am
The operation was called Kindertransport _ Children's Transport _ and it was a passage from hell to freedom.

German brewers: make purity law world heritage

12/02/2013 4:17am
German beer brewers are seeking a 500th birthday present for their famed purity law: an official seal of approval as world heritage.

After boy mauled, Balkan animal cruelty in focus

12/02/2013 5:55am
A litter of puppies wrapped in a blanket and set on fire. A dog roaming the streets with its jaw hacked off. Cats found at the bottom of an apartment block, spines snapped.

Netanyahu gives pope book by father on Inquisition

12/02/2013 6:55am
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has given Pope Francis a book about the Inquisition in Spain that was written by his late father.

Nazi murderer Heinrich Boere dies at 92

12/02/2013 7:25am
Heinrich Boere, who murdered Dutch civilians as part of a Nazi Waffen SS hit squad during World War II but avoided justice for six decades, died in a prison hospital while serving a life sentence, German justice officials said Monday. He was 92.

German plan to ban 'flat-rate' offers in brothels

12/02/2013 7:37am
Germany's biggest political parties have agreed to ban so-called flat-rate sex offered by some brothels in the country.

French court orders trial for EADS, Daimler execs

12/02/2013 10:41am
A French court on Monday ordered a trial for carmaker Daimler AG and industrial conglomerate Lagardere SCA as well as executives for Airbus parent EADS in an insider trading investigation dating back to 2006.

Main players in Ukraine's political drama

12/02/2013 10:42am
The Ukrainian government's abrupt decision to freeze ties with the West and violently disperse a peaceful rally has fueled public anger and drawn hundreds of thousands to the streets of the Ukrainian capital. Here is a look at the main characters in Ukraine's political drama:

Israel admitted into advisory body to UN

12/02/2013 2:41pm
The U.S. and other Western countries have admitted Israel into an informal group in Geneva that will provide it with some influence before the U.N. top human rights body, officials said Monday.

Gunman killed in rare Iceland police shooting

12/02/2013 2:54pm
Police in Iceland said Monday they shot dead a gunman _ the first time armed police have killed someone in the nation.

UN: Syria crimes evidence 'indicates' Assad role

12/02/2013 8:30pm
A growing body of evidence collected by U.N. investigators points to the involvement of senior Syrian officials, including President Bashar Assad, in crimes against humanity and war crimes, the U.N.'s top human rights official said Monday.