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German minister demands 'complete' US answers

10/27/2013 4:00am
Germany's interior minister is pressing for "complete information" from Washington on the alleged U.S. surveillance of Chancellor Angela Merkel's cellphone and any other snooping.

Austrian police seize half-ton of cannabis

10/27/2013 7:31am
Authorities have seized 500 kilograms (about 1,100 pounds) of cannabis during a routine check on a camping van entering southern Austria from Slovenia. Two Italian men were arrested.

Opposition rally in Azerbaijan draws 3,000 people

10/27/2013 8:53am
About 3,000 opposition supporters have protested in Azerbaijan's capital, with some calling for a new election after President Ilham Aliyev won a third five-year term earlier this month.

Spaniards protest release of ETA prisoners

10/27/2013 10:12am
Several thousand people gathered in downtown Madrid on Sunday to protest a European court ruling that has led to the release of imprisoned Basque separatists convicted of terror attacks.

Thousands of ethnic Hungarians call for autonomy

10/27/2013 2:08pm
Thousands of ethnic Hungarians held rallies on Sunday to demand autonomy for their minority group in the areas where they live in Romania.

Myanmar's Suu Kyi picks up overdue honor in Rome

10/27/2013 2:32pm
Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi has picked up an overdue honor from Rome, a city she fondly recalled enjoying, along with its gelato, 40 years earlier.