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5 achievements that haven't won a Nobel Prize

10/07/2013 1:29am
The announcements of this year's Nobel Prize winners will start Monday with the medicine award and continue with physics, chemistry, literature, peace and economics. The secretive award committees never give away any hints in advance of who could win, but here's a look at five big scientific breakthroughs that haven't yet received a Nobel prize.

Woman dies after being gored by bull in Spain

10/07/2013 3:57am
An Interior Ministry official say a woman has died after being gored by a bull during a small town festival in central Spain.

3 sailors missing after collision on the North Sea

10/07/2013 4:31am
Three sailors are missing in the North Sea after two boats collided off the northern coast of the Netherlands.

Pope replaces Dominican ambassador amid sex probe

10/07/2013 5:04am
Pope Francis has named a new ambassador to the Dominican Republic after the previous one was forcibly removed amid a sex abuse investigation.

Spain tries 6 Somalis for piracy after ship attack

10/07/2013 6:13am
Six Somalis who allegedly attacked a Spanish warship in 2012 off the coast of Somalia went on trial in the Spanish capital, with prosecutors seeking a 23-year sentence for each defendant.

Buckingham Palace soccer: 'Don't break a window'

10/07/2013 6:37am
It's all well and good to play soccer on the beautiful lawns at Buckingham Palace, but don't break a window.

WWF seeks to protect Congo park from oil developer

10/07/2013 7:05am
The World Wildlife Fund is trying to block proposed oil exploration in Africa's oldest national park where 200 gorillas live.

UK court quashes New Zealander's murder conviction

10/07/2013 7:23am
Britain's Privy Council on Monday quashed the conviction of a New Zealand businessman who had received a life sentence for the murders of his wife and daughter and ruled that he should be granted a new trial in New Zealand.

Greek ex-minister found guilty in corruption case

10/07/2013 7:38am
A former Greek defense minister was found guilty of money laundering on Monday in the most prominent corruption case to date in the financially stricken country.

UN rights expert deplores US prisoner's 'torture'

10/07/2013 8:51am
A U.N. human rights expert on torture urged U.S. authorities Monday to end four decades of solitary confinement for a former Black Panther convicted of murdering a Louisiana prison guard.

Poland honors WWII resistance fighters

10/07/2013 9:13am
A 99-year-old military veteran and Poland's president unveiled a new monument on Monday that honors the hundreds of Polish resistance fighters who parachuted into their Nazi-occupied country to fight German forces during World War II.

Profile: Maria Schoenberg of Germany dumps stocks

10/07/2013 9:46am
To understand why people are so cautious with their money five years after the financial crisis, The Associated Press interviewed consumers around the world. Here is what one person said:

France's Sarkozy cleared in campaign finance case

10/07/2013 10:29am
Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy was cleared Monday of allegations that he illegally took donations from France's richest woman on the way to his 2007 election victory, his lawyer and an official said.

Hungary rejects Croatia's CEO extradition request

10/07/2013 10:35am
A Budapest court has rejected a European arrest warrant issued by Croatia for the head of Hungary's main oil company, who is wanted for his alleged involvement in a bribery case.

Greeks hope to save ancient road on subway site

10/07/2013 2:59pm
When a brand-new subway system hits an ancient road, surely something has to give. But in one northern Greek city, archaeologists are fighting to combine the two, against government plans to remove and display elsewhere a large section of an ancient Roman thoroughfare found on a planned subway station.

UK makes royal coin for baby prince's christening

10/07/2013 5:11pm
Superstition holds it's good luck to cross a newborn's palm with silver to wish the child riches and health, but Britain's baby Prince George is getting something more: A whole new set of coins in his honor.

EU lawmakers to push ahead with anti-tobacco plans

10/07/2013 11:00pm
European lawmakers are trying to tighten rules governing the multi-billion dollar tobacco market by imposing bigger and bolder warnings on cigarette packs, banning most flavorings like menthol and beefing up regulation of electronic cigarettes.