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Britain to host 2014 NATO summit

09/27/2013 5:49am
The British government says it will host the 2014 NATO summit, the first time the meeting has been held in the country in more than 20 years.

Britain's royal couple has a new coat of arms

09/27/2013 7:28am
Some couples buy matching outfits. Royal couples get matching heraldry.

Greek police ban rally by commando reservists

09/27/2013 9:43am
Greek police have banned a protest rally planned in central Athens this weekend by a group of special forces reservists who demanded the resignation of the government and the appointment of an interim government under the guarantee of the military.

Statoil announces new oil find off Canadian coast

09/27/2013 10:52am
Norwegian energy company Statoil ASA says it has made another "significant" discovery of crude oil off the Canadian coast in the Flemish Pass.

Polish church apologizes for child sex abuse

09/27/2013 10:53am
A senior official of Poland's Catholic Church apologized Friday to the victims of pedophile priests, and prosecutors said they have opened a probe into allegations that two Polish priests, including a Vatican envoy, sexually abused boys in the Dominican Republic.

Push for Syrian war crimes court

09/27/2013 12:14pm
A group of international war crimes experts is calling for the creation of a special tribunal in the Syrian capital to try any top-ranking officials, soldiers or rebels who may have committed atrocities during the country's civil war.

Czech police fire tear gas at anti-Roma radicals

09/27/2013 1:02pm
Czech police have fired tear gas to disperse far-right supporters rallying against Roma who live in the country.