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A look at Germany's voting system

09/22/2013 4:30am
Each of Germany's nearly 62 million eligible voters gets to make two crosses on the ballot paper in Sunday's parliamentary election _ one for a directly elected representative and the other for a party.

Swiss voters reject move to end conscription army

09/22/2013 3:53pm
For the third time in almost a quarter-century, neutral Switzerland has overwhelmingly voted to maintain its conscription army.

Merkel factor boosts party's result in German vote

09/22/2013 4:55pm
The strong performance by Angela Merkel's conservatives in Sunday's German election was not only a victory for her Christian Democratic Union but also vindication of her strategy of transforming a party long dominated by Roman Catholic men.

Final distribution of seats in German Parliament

09/22/2013 7:25pm
Chancellor Angela Merkel's bloc won the largest number of Parliament seats in Sunday's national election but fell short of a majority, which would have been 316 of the 630 seats.