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3 dead, over 30 missing in Russian clinic fire

09/13/2013 12:55am
A fire swept through a Russian psychiatric hospital overnight, killing at least three people and leaving more than 30 others feared dead, officials said Friday. Authorities had long warned that the building was unsafe and called for its closure.

Portugal's post-coup Constitution foils government

09/13/2013 1:55am
Three times over the past year, the 13 judges of Portugal's Constitutional Court have solemnly filed into a tall-ceilinged room in Lisbon's 19th-century Palacio Ratton and slammed the brakes on key steps in the country's attempts to overhaul its economy.

Vodafone poised to grab German cable company

09/13/2013 3:18am
Britain's Vodafone PLC says it is poised to seal the 7.7 billion euro ($10.23 billion) takeover of Kabel Deutschland, after it won the backing of the German cable operator's shareholders.

Kerry to meet Israeli prime minister Sunday

09/13/2013 5:21am
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will travel to Israel this weekend to meet Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss ongoing peace talks with the Palestinians and developments in Syria.

Alleged NSA post in Austria becomes state affair

09/13/2013 7:22am
Vienna's a fabled city for spying _ and now its cloak-and-dagger legend has a 21st-century twist.

Alleged NSA post in Austria becomes state affair

09/13/2013 8:04am
Vienna's a fabled city for spying _ and now its cloak-and-dagger legend has a 21st-century twist.

Fiat no closer on deal Chrysler stake

09/13/2013 9:04am
Fiat and Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne said Friday that he is no closer to a deal for the Italian carmaker to take full ownership of Chrysler and in the meantime was moving ahead on the formalities of a public offering for the U.S. group.

Can the 308 hatchback save Peugeot?

09/13/2013 9:43am
European carmakers can live and die by their mid-sized hatchbacks. And that category has long been the realm of the Volkswagen Golf. French carmaker Peugeot is hoping to change that with its redesigned 308.

Hot Wheels: Updated Opel Insignia debuts

09/13/2013 10:42am
Opel's flagship Insignia won't be totally new for the 2014 model year, but the updated version of General Motors' European midsize car will see a lot of changes.

UK police: Cyber crooks could have stolen millions

09/13/2013 11:18am
A daring attempt to graft a rogue piece of hardware onto a computer at a London branch of Spanish bank Santander could have drained millions of pounds (dollars) from its coffers, police said Friday, an indication of the potential for electronic crime to tear huge chunks off financial institutions' balance sheets.

Croat authorities seize illegal weapons

09/13/2013 1:47pm
Croatian authorities say they have seized large quantities of illegal military equipment, including rocket launchers and anti-aircraft rockets, found in a shipment from Serbia.

UN inspector: Syria report done this weekend

09/13/2013 2:09pm
The head of the U.N. chemical weapons inspection team on Friday said he will deliver his report on Syria to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in New York this weekend.

National Reno Air Races embraces 50th birthday

09/13/2013 6:46pm
Bob Hoover is an aviation legend who was once friends with Orville Wright, Charles Lindbergh and Chuck Yeager and spent 16 months in a German prison camp after his plane was shot down during World War II.