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Germany: no plans to join Syria military action

08/30/2013 5:30am
The German government said Friday that it isn't considering joining military action against Syria and hasn't been asked by others to do so.

German ministry bans out-of-hours calls to staff

08/30/2013 6:23am
Germany's labor ministry has banned managers from calling or emailing staff out of hours except in emergencies.

UK's Cameron must fight back after tough setback

08/30/2013 2:51pm
David Cameron seemed the picture of a confident national leader when he cut short his vacation early this week to muster support for a military reprisal against Syria for its purported use of chemical weapons against civilians. He stood with President Barack Obama, facing down a dictator, demanding respect for international law.

Zurich to look at 'undue pressure' on CFO

08/30/2013 3:21pm
After the apparent suicide of its chief financial officer and the sudden resignation of its chairman in response, Zurich Insurance Group has launched an investigation into their working relationship.

Inconsistent allies: France, US mull Syria action

08/30/2013 3:41pm
If France and the United States are ever going to move beyond French opposition to the Iraq War, this could be the time.

UN's Syria samples to undergo meticulous scrutiny

08/30/2013 5:15pm
They've endured repeated delays, unrelenting scrutiny and even snipers' bullets in Damascus. Now U.N. inspectors, who have been gathering evidence of a possible chemical weapons attack in Syria, are poised to return to the Netherlands in coming days, setting in motion a meticulous process of analyzing samples at specially accredited laboratories.