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New Rome mayor bans cars near Colosseum

08/03/2013 9:52am
In a bid to protect its ancient glories from modern perils, Rome is banning cars and motor scooters from the boulevard that slices through the city's ancient forums toward the Colosseum.

Swaddle-maker swamped after UK prince's photo-op

08/03/2013 10:04am
It took 45 seconds, but it was enough.

Interpol makes new warning linked to prison breaks

08/03/2013 11:10am
Interpol has issued a global security alert in connection with suspected al-Qaida involvement in several recent prison escapes including those in Iraq, Libya and Pakistan.

Amsterdam floods pink for Gay Pride festival

08/03/2013 11:21am
Rainbow flags are flying from scores of Amsterdam buildings as tens of thousands of festival-goers, many dressed in pink or wearing studded leather, party it up at one of the city's biggest events: the annual Gay Pride celebration.