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EU says China deal will survive challenge

07/29/2013 6:26am
The European Union's Trade Commissioner says the settlement with Beijing over Chinese solar panels exports will easily survive a court challenge from EU producers.

Bus crash in southern Italy kills 38 people

07/29/2013 6:55am
An Italian tour bus plowed through cars, crashed through the side wall of a highway bridge and plunged into a ravine, killing at least 38 people, authorities said Monday.

Belfast attacker of IRA funeral must stay in jail

07/29/2013 8:28am
The most notorious Protestant militant of Northern Ireland's conflict, Michael Stone, must stay in prison for attacking an Irish Republican Army funeral in 1988, the top judge in the British territory ruled Monday.

Can lawyer who aided Andreotti save Berlusconi?

07/29/2013 9:29am
Silvio Berlusconi, the billionaire media baron and former premier, sometimes quipped that he was running out of money after two decades of steadily paying millions of euros (dollars) to a stable of Italy's leading lawyers to defend him in a raft of criminal cases.

France struggles to separate Islam and the state

07/29/2013 10:08am
Riots broke out over a full-face Islamic veil. A woman may have lost her unborn baby in another confrontation over her face covering. Tensions flared over a supermarket chain's ad for the end-of-day feast for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

BMW pulls wraps off i3 electric car

07/29/2013 1:06pm
BMW AG is showing off the production model of its new i3 electric compact that uses carbon-fiber materials to keep the weight down and improve driving performance.

A look at other major jewelry heists

07/29/2013 1:22pm
Sunday's theft of diamond jewelry in France _ estimated at $136 million _ appears to be the largest such heist in recent history. Here are some other major examples.

5 die in helicopter crash in Romania

07/29/2013 2:17pm
Authorities say five people have died, including three German citizens, after a helicopter crashed into a lake in northwest Romania shortly after takeoff.

Official: Cannes diamond heist actually nets $136M

07/29/2013 4:08pm
Wearing a scarf to mask his face, the gunman sneaked into the posh Cannes hotel and held up a diamond show as three security guards looked on, then fled on foot about a minute later. In the end, he made off with a breathtaking $136 million worth of valuables _ the biggest jewelry heist in years, maybe ever.

Greek monks hurl petrol bombs at bailiffs

07/29/2013 5:13pm
A group of monks on Greece's monastic sanctuary of Mount Athos who are facing eviction attacked court bailiffs with rocks and petrol bombs Monday, according to civilian authorities on the peninsula in northern Greece