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Police officer killed in rebel attack in Kashmir

12/02/2013 3:19am
Police in Indian-controlled Kashmir say suspected rebels attacked a group of police, killing a senior counterinsurgency officer and wounding three others.

Myanmar still enlists boy soldiers despite reforms

12/02/2013 5:30am
He disappeared when he was 12 years old, a skinny boy named Min Thu from the wrong side of town who thought he'd stumbled onto the golden ticket.

Long-running societal divide fuels Thai conflict

12/02/2013 5:57am
Both the protesters on the streets of Bangkok and the Thai government pleading for them to go home say they're on the side of democracy, but that is not what their increasingly dangerous conflict is about. This is a fight about power, and who ought to have it.

Biden visits Asia amid Japan-SKorea's toxic ties

12/02/2013 8:42am
When South Korean fans at a soccer game against Japan unfurled two massive banners honoring men considered national heroes for battling Japanese invaders, organizers took them down, Tokyo grumbled _ and South Koreans cheered yet another sign of defiance against their former colonizer.

Australian suspected of recruiting Syrian fighters

12/02/2013 7:16pm
The alleged Sydney ringleader of a criminal network that sends Australians to fight in Syria has been arrested, police said Tuesday.

Envoy says China has right to set another air zone

12/02/2013 8:41pm
China has a sovereign right to establish a maritime air defense zone over another region as it did in the East China Sea, the Chinese envoy to the Philippines said.