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Vietnam presses ahead with ambitious nuclear plans

10/17/2013 1:31am
Vietnam is pressing ahead with Southeast Asia's most ambitious civilian nuclear energy program despite safety fears over the technology following the 2011 Fukushima disaster. Foreign companies and governments are competing to get a toehold in an industry that could be worth $50 billion by 2030, according to estimates by U.S. officials.

Police: Bomb blasts in eastern Myanmar kill 1

10/17/2013 5:27am
Three small bombs went off in eastern Myanmar, killing one person and wounding six, the latest in a series of unexplained explosions that have been denounced by the U.S. as "acts of terror."

Evacuation could have saved lives in Japan typhoon

10/17/2013 5:43am
The mayor of a Japanese island devastated by a deadly typhoon apologized Thursday for failing to issue an evacuation order, as rescue workers combed through mountains of debris searching for the missing.

Relief around world as US avoids debt default

10/17/2013 7:48am
Political leaders, investors and ordinary people Thursday welcomed the end of a U.S. government shutdown but already were looking ahead to the next round of a budget battle that brought the world's biggest economy close to default and threatens Washington's international standing.

Sein Win, force for press freedom in Myanmar, dies

10/17/2013 7:51am
Sein Win, a renowned journalist in Myanmar who championed press freedom and endured three stints in prison as he chronicled several decades of his country's turbulent history, died Thursday at age 91.

Giving birth in Philippine quake: 'Push and pray'

10/17/2013 6:50pm
Eileen Rose Carabana and her mother were in their mountain village house when the 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck the central Philippine island of Bohol. Moments later, she felt an unmistakable intense pain in her abdomen _ she was about to go into labor.