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Britain's young royal family end Australian tour

04/25/2014 12:13am
Britain's Prince William and his wife, Kate, ended their 10-day tour of Australia on Friday with veterans' day commemorations in the national capital.

Streep, Fey among readers at poetry gala

04/25/2014 12:20am
Sir Patrick Stewart wasn't about to miss the chance to appear on the same stage with Meryl Streep, Tina Fey and Kevin Kline.

NBC taps Seth Meyers as next Emmys host

04/25/2014 2:02am
Seth Meyers will take his late-night act to prime time as the next host of the Emmy Awards.

London stage hit 'Privacy' makes drama from data

04/25/2014 5:50am
"Privacy," a new drama that has London buzzing, is probably the first play to open with a request that the audience keep their smartphones switched on. It's certainly the first to have theatergoers snapping selfies before the intermission.

Brother remembers, continues Paul Walker's legacy

04/25/2014 8:10am
For Cody Walker, the death of big brother Paul Walker still doesn't feel real.

'Housewives' star to discuss brawl on 'The View'

04/25/2014 8:30am
ABC's "The View" says it will play host to Porsha Williams, the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" personality who is facing a battery charge after allegedly attacking a fellow cast member during taping of that show.

Bob Barker to appear on 'Bold and the Beautiful'

04/25/2014 8:51am
The cause is right for Bob Barker, whose love of animals is returning him to TV on Wednesday as a guest star on "The Bold and the Beautiful."

James Earl Jones returning to Broadway this fall

04/25/2014 9:10am
James Earl Jones is coming back to Broadway in a play that's almost as old as he is.

Weather Channel sends Bettes to chase tornadoes

04/25/2014 9:41am
The Weather Channel is sending meteorologist Mike Bettes back out to chase tornadoes less than a year after he was hurt when an Oklahoma storm sent his SUV tumbling, but this time from a safer vantage point.

Hobbit finale renamed 'Battle of the Five Armies'

04/25/2014 10:31am
Peter Jackson is tweaking the ending of Bilbo Baggins' journey.

Jared Leto: 'My Oscar is a filthy mess'

04/25/2014 11:11am
Jared Leto says that while his Oscar has led to new opportunities in Hollywood, he isn't overly concerned with the trophy itself.

A dialect coach evaluates 3 Broadway shows

04/25/2014 11:12am
That special sound you hear on Broadway these days could be a British accent.

MTV finds wild crowd in Alaska

04/25/2014 11:20am
MTV says its upcoming series "Slednecks" about a wild group of young people in Alaska isn't "Buckwild" on ice.

Mayor: Tampa in love with Bollywood before awards

04/25/2014 11:20am
Tampa — known for its proximity to sugar sand beaches, its football and its touch of Southern charm — has gone crazy for Bollywood.

Paramount, MGM to remake historical epic 'Ben-Hur'

04/25/2014 12:31pm
Mark Burnett and Roma Downey will produce a new version of the historical epic "Ben-Hur," as the faith-based film revival continues on the big screen.

Rulings for some Tony Awards may change the race

04/25/2014 2:40pm
Four days before the Tony Awards, an administrative panel has made some decisions that will have a powerful effect on who walks away with trophies.

'Family Guy' flier spoofs Christie scandal

04/25/2014 3:30pm
"The Family Guy" is taking on a New Jersey political scandal.

Summer Preview: Seth Rogen on 'Neighbors'

04/25/2014 3:40pm
Seven years after Seth Rogen memorably struggled with the prospect of child birth in "Knocked Up," he's moved on to the anxieties of young parenthood in "Neighbors."

Video shows Bieber celebrating after egg attack

04/25/2014 4:11pm
Surveillance footage from Justin Bieber's home appears to show the pop star high-fiving friends and celebrating after throwing eggs at a neighbor's home in January, an investigator's affidavit released Friday shows.

New Andy Warhol images found on old disks

04/25/2014 4:20pm
Cybersleuths have unearthed images that Andy Warhol apparently made on a computer in 1985.

Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows

04/25/2014 4:41pm
Guest lineups for the Sunday TV news shows:

Menzel, Iman, Danes honored for charity work

04/25/2014 5:00pm
Variety magazine feted Idina Menzel, Iman, Claire Danes and others Friday for their "Power of Women: New York" issue — but not for how much power they have, but how they wield it for good.

NBC supports David Gregory for 'Meet the Press'

04/25/2014 5:10pm
NBC's news chief says she supports embattled "Meet the Press" moderator David Gregory "now and into the future" as the Sunday morning public affairs program tries to turn around sinking ratings.

Columbus Short not returning to 'Scandal'

04/25/2014 6:01pm
Columbus Short won't be returning to "Scandal" following his legal troubles.

Javier Camarena given rare encore at Met Opera

04/25/2014 11:20pm
Javier Camarena received a rare honor at the Metropolitan Opera, becoming only the third singer in 70 years to perform an aria encore.